A Noble Effort
Author {ND}GosoxJ
Date of release version 1.1 released 1/24/2010
.bsp filename demosurvival


This is a survival map with 9 different rooms of varying themes and gimmicks from which you can defend from.

Additional info

*Left 4 Dead 2 Add-on Support Recommended*

Additional credits

{ND}Apbowler, [UCSC]DannBo{ND}, {ND}Decoy, {ND}fahrenkopf, {ND}Mr.Gorbachev



-Added Incendiary and Explosive Ammo spawn
-Add Laser-dot Sight Spawn
-Tweaked weapon spawns
-Fixed an instance of players being able to reach an area intended to be unreachable
-Higher variety of common infected
-Clown, Roadcrew, Riotcop, Mudman, and Ceda Agent uncommon common infected all have a (small) chance to spawn
-Re-textured most of the map
-Start-up delay halved
-Replaced the glitchy carpet in the bedroom
-Added some extra decoration
-Changed several static props to physics props
-Optimization work done
-Minor nav-mesh tweaks

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