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Date of release Beta test in September
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The campaign begins with our 4 survivors on their way to a mountain top rescue point but find themselves in a tight spot. They have run out of gas on the side of the road and a chopper overhead declars the rescue point is overrun with infected and to not go there. Their only chance for evacuation now is to head back to Hope and find another way. A trip down the mountain side provides the fastest route…..

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  • Random weapon spawn locations in and around an old country house. Stock up before moving further!
  • Custom Sounds and Textures bring the Gorge to life!
  • Nature will work against survivors- the steep narrow gorge allow infected to attack from above with ease… dead trees that block the survivors path and must be destroyed to move ahead… a dark cavern that can easily turn around a distracted survivor… A deafening waterfall to drown out the sounds of danger around…
  • Messages written by terrified people tell the story of the gorge.
  • Discover the dark secret the military tired to keep hidden from the town of Hope on how they tried to contain the deadly infection.

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Announcement- August 18th, 2009. I am still on track for this map to be beta tested in Sept. It's coming along slowly but steadily.

Chapter 1: The Gorge

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