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Back to School

Author 100_o/o_fake, romasm
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Back to school is a custom campaign for Valve's Left 4 Dead, designed by 100_o/o_f@ke and romasm . The main goal during campaign development was to create as realistic and atmospheric an environment as possible, so that a player can immerse into surrounding atmosphere of a zombie-apocalypse.

Our campaign is a flight of fancy - initially we only define the key elements of a map (mines, train station, warehouse etc.), and the exact shape of it and the look of other elements come later during the process. The key features of our campaign are:

1. Realism - means maps, atmosphere detailing, and realism itself (lighting, architecture etc.)

2. Events - we make many events that are diffrent from standard ones made by Valve.

3. Versus - we adjust our campaign for this mode specifically (though others are not forgotten), because it has a perfect difficulty balance, and also reveals all the game features. This is the mode with which we associate the long life of our campaign.


Four survivors that were hiding from the main epidemic wave in a forest on outskirts of N. city hear on the radio that US army is going to clean-up the town and its outskirts. To avoid crumbling survivors along with infected, evacuation centres were created in police stations, town hall, stadium and others. The closest one was a local high school where our heroes decide to go.

They start their journey from the north and watched all the horrors of a town drowned into an epidemic disaster. At the same time the army starts from the south and cleans up block by block. Upon finally arriving at the gates of the school they are left with a most disturbing scene of Zombie mayhem. Evacuation centre has fallen and the only place where one could escape was haven. But still it was possible to hide there and wait for the rescue. So our heroes have to work their way through the abandoned city filled with hordes of swift-footed brain eaters to hear familiar - GET TO THE CHOPPER!!!, and save their asses from the zombie's outrage.


1 - "Forest"
beta: nav-90% complete, geometry - 90% complete

2 - "Train station"
beta: nav - 90% complete, geometry - 80% complete

3 - "Town"
beta: nav - 85% complete, geometry - 95% complete

4 - "Cinema"
alfa: nav - 0% complete, geometry - 70% complete

5 - "School"
alfa: nav - 0% complete, geometry - 70% complete

6 - "Escape"
no info available

Specical Thanks to: (Russian Left 4 Dead mapping community) ( forum)

Chapter 1: Forest

Having abandoned cozy forest camp, heroes struggle out of thickets to forester house. Forester has barricaded the gorge, but infected dashed from the other side. Not much a lone sniper can do against a tank.

A little farther, there is a fortified military post that blocks tunnel to prevent spread of the infection. But panic is worse than infection, military post is devastated, escape routes are cut, so they have to follow the path of several despaired soldiers, who entrenched themselves in an abandoned mine.

Chapter 2: Train Station

In case of a disaster, people always try to escape from it using all available ways. One of the places where poor citizens rushed to was railway station. But among the terrified angry mob there were several infection carriers. And railway station turned into a bloody mess.

Having replenished their supplies in the mines, our heroes go ahead. Their way runs through railway station, through narrow deadly streets and roomy warehouses to the second safehouse inside of an old tunnel, blocked by the military.

Chapter 3: Town

The city is full of places where a common citizen would rather not go to. Construction sites, sewers and other utility lines. But during a zombie apocalypse the least inhabitant places are the safest ones. So the places you previously avoided are going to become your asylum.

Our heroes go out to the city to get to the police station where police forces were holding out. An evacuation centre was planned there.

Through apartment houses and across the rooftops the survivors pass to a construction site where the severity of the situation will serve to teach them a lesson: sometimes you just have to look after number 1.

From the heights of rooftops survivors descend to the sewer system. They are not the first ones to go there, which means that infected hordes are already waiting for them in tunnel darkness. See for yourself what comes next.

Chapter 4:Cinema

Chapter 5: School

Chapter 6: Escape

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