Billys Farm - Billy Bones

Billys Farm - Billy Bones

Author Billy Bones
Date of release Final
.vpk filename billysfarm


Versus map on a small farm, you'll see some crude elements used since Billy confesses this was 1st time map. I did the .vpk to his map, - all content is original - creator is Billy Bones

Additional info

This Versus is part Survival too! It's not just the area you spawn into (many don't get it and just Leave).

You must achieve tasks as the Survivors #1: is to "hit Switch of the Sparking Box" then hold out for about 2 minutes. The sooner you hit the switch will mean less time and health you'll expend fighting the Hordes and Infected, Got it? When you hear Alarm bells the Corn Field Gate will open. Task #2 make your way to the Ambulance….(secret you can ride in it look for a switch) or follow the light poles to the Water Tower. Task #3 is to remove the obstacles on the power lines to restore power for Task #4 the RADIO you must activate to call for your rescue. Hold out 2 mins for your ride to come. Task #5 all aboard hit the center console to leave, watch out for infected they can climb those light poles! "Oh NO Billy" has crash landed you back at the start. But now the Exit Door is Green Lighted you must get to Exit and break down the wire fence to run to the Safe Room Door.

Additional credits

Poster and Lobby pic, by Tr!cky


Been no updates for 5 months (last was Beta 7)


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