Central Dark
Author Dash
Date of release 1.4 - June 27th, 2009
.bsp filename l4d_sv_central


Central Dark was created with choice in mind, most L4D Survival maps seem to force the player into one position, I want Central to be different. Central offers several different places for players to garrison and defend against the Zombies, each offering their own advantages and disadvantages.

Burger Tank

Burger tank,being a major fast food franchise and very dependent on the safety of their Staff, has lots of medical supplies however ammunition and weaponry is sparse here.

The Park

The Park has plenty of everything, however towards the later levels of Survival you're going to find it very hard to maintain a position here as Zombies come at you from all ends.

The Shipping Company

This building has plenty of munitions but next to no medpacks.

The abandoned house

The house has a good balance of everything, there are a few piles of Ammo and a couple of Medpacks, there is also a chain gun at the front of the house. Don't think you're safe just because you can guard the Chain Gun though, there are multiple points of entry for the Zombies as well.

Additional credits




Chaingun removed from spawn area
Panic Event start points have been added to all garrisonable areas
The Shipping Depot's storage area has been opened
Chaingun in the House is now in the hallway rather than the bedroom
Texture on one of the buildings changed so you don't get an ugly cubemap effect in the middle of a dark area.

Bug fixes:
Bug where survivors get stuck near the Clock Tower has been fixed
Bug where no gamemode was used fixed
Bug where survivors would get stuck in benches fixed
Bug where survivors would get stuck in bushes fixed
Bug where tanks would spawn on top of the clock tower fixed
Bug where survivors wouldn't pick up weapons in the house fixed
Bug where Tanks would spawn inside breakable walls fixed


This is the true version of v1.2, sorry about the delay, that was my bad.



The map is now far more optimized, reducing the file size by about 10 megabytes (with thanks to Zyx.)
The bell will no longer ring constantly.
Propane tanks and gas canisters have been added.
Survival mode will now activate when you start the map (with thanks to S1nk0 and 1SG_Heartless.)
HDR should work correctly now (thanks Zyx.)
Hopefully fixed the bug in which Zombies spawn or get stuck in bushes.


Sorry about the bad upload earlier, that was my bad.


Central Column changed into a Clock Tower, bells will now ring when you trigger the initial Survival event.
It is now raining.
Fixed an exploit involving the Van (Thanks PieClock!)
Files now Pakratted into the BSP.


Burger Tank has been completed, all intended items are now in place.
0.9 has the files needed to allow the spawning of Tanks.
The map is pretty much completed now, I intend to release one or two more update to put in place a few more objects.

Please report any bugs you encounter or exploits you find to me at moc.liamg|o.ohsaD#moc.liamg|o.ohsaD.


Initial beta release, map is fully functional but still needs a bit of detailing and optimization.
Burger Tank still needs finishing.


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