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Chapter 1: The Prison

You thought you were safe…….. You thought you had escaped the danger. Maybe God just doesn't like you….

The Prison is the first map of my campaign Cold Case. The team had found the location of a secret island that has a large military base on it. Thinking this island would be the best place to wait out the infection, they head to it. The Prison is the first map I have made on the source engine. To be frank, it uses a lot of SDK parts. It is essentially DM_Lockdown X2 for the prison. The team starts out sheltered in a cave contemplating the tragic circumstances of their arrival, (after a hella-cool intro cutscene btw). They work there way through the lower levels and find out the virus is also at this island. In the prison, they find a tape of one of the detainees. On it, he explains the hellish circumstances that came to pass, and how to make their way to the military facility located on the western edge of the island. However, to cut off the tide of the horde, the military had destroyed the bridge linking the prison to the facility. The only safe route is a complicated trek around the entire island.

The survivors basically work their way, "out and over", the prison. After exiting via the roof to the courtyard, the only way they can escape the facility is by opening the main gates system, (which therefore attracts every zombie in a one mile radius). This starts a long, and detailed "GET TO THE CHOPPAH!" moment where the survivors must make their way through the courtyard to the sewers. Here, they slide down a chute and get split up into two teams! At the underwater treatment plant and storage facility, they must take turns covering one-another while they do arduous tasks, (such as picking a lock, or trying to get a door open), until they get to the final freight elevator. During this entire time, the horde is constantly looking for fresh meat :)

When I started making my map series, I started out with cc1, and worked my way to cc4. After I laid the preliminaries, I backtracked from cc4 to cc1 detailing the maps. As you can probably tell the treatment plant, (spot where the survivors are split up, and have to cover each other), is the last section of my maps I made.

  • Uses a heavily modified dm_lockdown for the prison.
  • The survivors only have pistols for most of the map, (there may be a hidden shotgun here and there!)
  • Unique gameplay involves the team getting split up, and forces them to cover one-another while they do tasks.

Chapter 2: The Overgrown Facility

The Overgrown Facility is the second map in my map series Cold Case. After escaping with their lives from The Prison, the survivors have only begun their long and arduous journey. The only known safe haven on the island is at a military base on the opposite side of the island. The only non-suicidal passage to this base is a large, expansive forest that wraps around the eastern part of the city. Not to mention the thousands of infected with numerous hiding places for them to strike, the survivors must lure and kill as many infected as they can before they can safely proceed. To do this, they must use the resources of a small abandoned military position to thin out the forest.

Ammo? Check
Medicine? Check
Weapons? Check
Machine gun emplacements? Double check!
Ridge mined with C4 explosives? Ooohhh many check!
Calling a horde of 500 zombies at one time………

Strangely, there is a very large abandoned facility that lays right between our heroes and their destination. What secrets does this complex hold?

  • Features the facility portion of my un-released map reo2.

Chapter 3: The Butcher's Game

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Chapter 4: The Brutal Outcome

Here, they are attempting to find a means of escape, while attempting to bypass the death trap of the islands only town/city. This old fishing out-cove is historically significant to the growth of the town, and still features the mayors mansion, the first building on the island, (which is a small house that is now in the middle of an old aqueduct), and various small warehouses. Located on the outskirts of Libertytown, (The only town on the island), it features the only safely accessible train station, and the only access to the evacuation site.

CC3 will feature the most unique game play in the entire series. In the map, one of the players will become separated from the rest of the party. This will split the map into two different "game modes". The first of which will be a take-and-hold mission for the three survivors. These three must explore the dangerous city that is under quarantine. The players must hold a central position from the horde. Sounds easy right? WRONG! Between every break you will need to search the city for supplies and weaponry. Each horde rush gets progressively more difficult. Don't expect returning to the same weapon cache time and time again either, because once you load up on ammo, you are out! Low on medkits? Try raiding the quarantine checkpoints for bandages and supplies. Use them to make your own medkits! Try searching for keys to new hold positions. Some might have better resources for making ammo, while some others might have mounted machine guns you can use. Once you have held out for help, make your way to the train so you can finally get to the military outpost!

The survivor who gets separated will have a very different experience. Instead, they will be treated to a resident-evil style horror fest. The lone survivor will need to find their way back to the party. They come across a strange mansion on the coast of the town. It seems very out of place. What horrors lay in store for you to find out? Surviving the mansion pays off greatly. Some of the best upgrades can be found by this player.
Like all of my previous maps, it will feature a bit of item hunting, and a non-linear gameplay.

  • The mansion, side streets, and canal were originally from my un-released map; REO2
  • Massive map………. about 2-3x the size of a regular l4d map.

Chapter 5: The Source

In part 4 of the Cold Case series, the party finally arrive at the military evacuation site. Ironically, it is also the source of the infection that has now become a pandemic. Perched on top of the underground laboratory structure is the now-overrun military evacuation site. Inside they will have all of their answers- whether they like it or not….

-CC4 has changed a lot over development. I have chosen to make the map optionally expansive in the labs, however I kept it relatively simple. This is because CC4 has a lot of different outcomes depending on your actions in each of the maps. CC4 is the only map in the series, (except the secret finale), where you don't have to bend over backwards to get special weapons, and the only map so far where you can get the auto shotgun without unlocking it.

-CC4's zombies are the most advanced in the series. They are faster, tougher, and more alert than the previous maps. Some zombies, (the boomer for example), has evolved to have a lot of hit points.

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