Concrete Bayou
Author Cosades
Date of release TBA


When they find themselves in the middle of a military campaign to cleanse the infection, the survivors are forced to leave the sheltered confines of their local office park and seek shelter in a distant city.

Spanning five vastly different maps, Concrete Bayou sees the survivors traverse an office park, a backwoods swamp, the commercial delta of the city limits, and a department store before reaching safety in survivor outpost on heavily fortified Palm Island.

Maps planned:

The Office Park
Rural Route 305
City Limits

Chapter 1: The Office Park

After holding out in an overrun office park, the survivors are given a rude awakening when the military begins bombing runs in an attempt to curb the infection. In order to save themselves, players must fight their way through the remnants of the office park to a nearby garage.

  • Expansive map placing the survivors in varying situations.
  • A development diary has been started along with renewed construction of the map, check out Concrete Bayou.
  • A list of known bugs and issues can be found here.
  • Feedback is encouraged!

Chapter 2: Rural Route 305

Having escaped a sprawling Office Complex by van, the survivors find themselves at a gas station along Rural Route 305. With the road blocked, their only choice is to proceed along the swampy road on foot.

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