Cottage of Doom

Cottage of Doom

Author Zawbie
Date of release Beta 1.5 - February 13, 2009
.bsp filename l4d_cottageofdoom / l4d_vs_cottageofdoom


Cottage of Doom remade in L4D. For those who don't know what cottage of doom is check out

The goal is just to survive for as long as possible. To make it more entertaining the cottage has a barricade system. In order to build barricades you have to destroy wooden props like chairs, crates, tables etc to get wood. Then you simply press E (use) while aiming at the hammers near the windows and doors (The hammers at the doors will repair them and the hammers at the windows will barricade them with planks.). In case you run out of wood, don't worry. Every 30 to 60 seconds a new prop will spawn.

Also includes vs version. Non-versus version also has increasing wave strengths. (Every 10 minutes they will increase a little bit.)

Additional info

  • Use the radio by the couch to start the zombie waves.
  • Map needs sv_cheats 1 to function, so play with people you trust. (director_finale_infinite 1, director_panic_forever 1 and z_spawn tank etc.)


  • Tank problems.
  • NPCs unable to break the dressers. (Kinda fixed by making them breakable by bullets so you will have to be more careful when shooting those zombies getting stuck there.)
  • Some (most of them) doors and windows being unbreakable for infected team in versus for no reason. (NPCs and tanks are still able to break them though.)

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