Dead Experiments

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OFfical map name is yet to be released the name above is just a placeholder.

Update 10/28/09
map is offically started.

Update 10/31/09
Map is confirmed and first level is nearing beta status.

Update 11/5/09
Was working on my map when I noticed how bad I did on it since I didnt like the design of the first map I restarted and now working on it about a hour a day I would say that this map will probally be released for l4d1 and 2
Also I changed the name for the first mad and the third one.

Map 1: The Streets
Map 2: The school
Map 3: The Forest
Map 4: The Experimental Facility
Map 5: The Long Winded Finale

Special thanks to
TGHMiller for his help
and to my beta testers you know who you are!

*ScreenShots Comnig soon

Map is about 5% done :)

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