Dead Military
Author AnThRaX1991
Date of release The 5th map is currently released


You start in a small village and you fight your way through hundreds of zombies to a military base which is not far away, but you have to go on a small path surrounded by a huge forest.

When you finally arrive at the base, you'll soon realize that no one is safe from the zombies! Even the military has been obliterated. So you're trying to find anyone who has maybe survived. It will take you through the whole base to a small bunker located outside of the base, where you contact a vehicle for rescue. But before you'll be in safety, you have to fight against plenty of zombie hordes.

Maybe you are asking yourself why I started with the Final. Well, normally I only wanted to make a "last standing map", but after a few hours of mapping I realized that it makes a lot of fun. So I had the idea to make a new campaign and the Final Map is nearly finished ;)

*Overall, it's a lot of work to do. So I'm looking for some good mappers who can support me. If you are interested, you can add me in Steam (my name is hh1887). I would appreciate it when I get a little help… :)*

The Village
The Access Tunnel
The Route
The Base
The Bunker

Chapter 5: The Bunker

Fight against zombie hordes in a Bunker while waiting for the rescue vehicle.

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