DeadCity II Campaign

DeadCity II Campaign

Author Gabriel ilcannibal Fayerweather
Release date
Final 5.0 (VPK 18) - October 18, 2010
VPK 17 - August 30, 2010
VPK 16 - July 31, 2010
VPK 15 - July 29, 2010
VPK 14 - June 07, 2010
VPK 13 - April 26, 2010
VPK 12 - April 13, 2010
VPK 11 - April 07, 2010
VPK 10 - March 02, 2010
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Kill plenty of zombies starting in RiverSide (city) then battling through the Back Alleys, over a Draw Bridge, locating the Miltary Outpost, then at the city Water Plant and during the escape at the Subway Station.

Game Types


  • l4d2_deadcity01_riverside
  • l4d2_deadcity02_backalley
  • l4d2_deadcity03_bridge
  • l4d2_deadcity04_outpost
  • l4d2_deadcity05_plant
  • l4d2_deadcity06_station

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  • John "-F5- LuckyShot" Black


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  • Beezy

Additional info


  1. This installation can be effected by old maps in the "left4dead2/maps" folder.
  2. Please delete all deadcity maps there
  3. Including any old deadcity addon files located in the "left4dead2/addons" folder.
  4. These old files can cause conflict with new Source Add-on Files (VPK).
  • EXAMPLE: l4d2_deadcity* or dc2m* mapnames "left4dead2/maps".


  • Automatically: Double Click on main "deadcity2.vpk", steam Application will let you know when it is installed.
  • Manually: Copy & Paste "deadcity2.vpk", into your "left4dead2/addons" folder.

- Sure there are a couple of missing things, but this you can be sure of DEADCITY II (Zombies will rule).

Chapter 1: Riverside City

There is plenty of room for all of the infected to operate including easy access to the rooftops even if the survivors have generally wide places to operate. The map plays out horizontally and vertically both. You start off before climbing to the top of a high rise apartment fighting your way down to the basement below. You proceed under the roadway into a second high rise towards the exit. At the same time, there are a limited of med packs in the map (be wise to save) if only the survivors can make it. Hunters and Smokers will make a killing by working those rooftops while boomers will keep constant pressure on survivors inside the garages & buildings.

Gameplay hints:

  1. Switch by Main Street with broken street light.
  2. Fight your way through the street.
  3. Watch above and attack surprises.

Chapter 2: Back Alley

After surviving the main part of the city you will exit the back part of it. Now you must fight through alleys, secondary street & parking garage.

Chapter 3: Draw Bridge

You now have reach mid-point of the campaign, zombies will not allow you to leave with a good fight. Reaching the bridge is the end of the line, watch-out for ambushes.

Chapter 4: Military Outpost

You have escaped Riverside City, your next challenge is to reach the flower shop below the water plant. Separation is not an option, you will fail.

Game Play:

  1. locate military outpost
  2. answer emergency radio
  3. find gascans to fuel tank

Chapter 5: Water Plant

Find your way towards the Water Plant, be sure to stay together.

Chapter 6: Subway Station

Don't miss the train, you'll be sorry!

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