Diescraper Redux

Diescraper Redux

Author Rectus
Date of release 3.2 - 2011-06-24
.bsp filename l4d2_diescraper*_32.bsp


Their safe-house been firebombed, the survivors must escape it and battle through battle torn streets to an abandoned military outpost in a skyscraper in hope of being rescued.

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Additional credits

Herr FLSH - Additional Art
Irish Taxi Driver - Advice
Knifeback Mountain - Testing
Goon4Dead - Testing


This campaign might be underoptimized for low-performance computers.
In your first playthroughs, please enable the instructor. Some of the areas can be confusing without it.


From Version 3.1:

-More improvements for versus.
-The helicopter now has a pilot and more speech.
-Changed the skymall event to use onslaught scripts instead of a minifinale.
-Added an incentive to use the howitzer in versus.
-Improved infected spawning on the catwalks in the finale.
-Changed the way the elevator in the first level works.
-Made the wind effect on the helipad more noticeable.
-Removed medkits from the breakroom in versus.
-Misc. detailing and improvements.

From Version 3:

-Versus gameplay improvements.
-Tweaked item spawns.
-Added tier 2 weapons earlier in versus.
-Added more infected ladders.
-Fixed versus boss spawning.
-The elevator doors on the second map stay open until the button is pressed.
-Finale improvements.

From Beta 2:

-Split first level into two, and added new content.
-Improved event and finale scripts.
-Changed the music theme to the one from No Mercy.
-Added failsafe to intro cinematic in case it breaks.
-Dynamic autoexposure based on director anger in the first two levels.
-Improved item spawning in the finale.
-More detailing.

From Beta 1:

-Added opening and ending cinematics.
-Improved optimization on the third level.
-Added custom vscripts to events and finale.
-Added new rooms in the staircases on the second level.
-Turning the helipad lights is now optional, but speeds up helicopter arrival time.
-Tweaked item spawn rates.
-Added more diverse infected populations.
-The elevator saferoom can now be closed from the inside console.
-Added M60 and golfclub.
-Added a weapon related gimmick to the finale.
-Randomized car alarms.
-Misc. detailing and bugfixes.

Chapter 2: Military outpost

Chapter 3: Inside the Skyscraper

Chapter 4: The top suites

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