Author: LightSoulBlue
Date of Release: TBD


The City That Never Sleeps has finally been put to rest…or laid to waste rather. A once sprawling metropolis, New York City has now come under siege by those known as "The Infected". They reside everywhere, meaning that absolutely no aspect of the city is safe anymore. Head to your local police station, or even underground to the famous subway system. Perhaps you'd like to venture to the more quiet neighborhoods and towns located on the outskirts of the city…they'll be waiting there too; I assure you.

So Far…

I've started on the subway part of this campaign and hope to release some screens soon. I'm using a custom made train made completely from scratch with brushes. Don't be fooled though, it looks really nice! In case you're wondering, it's based off the R32 train model. Here's a link:

P.S. Anybody know if drivable trains are a feasible thing in L4D?

P.P.S. Does anybody like the idea of non-linearity? E.g. Having two ways to get to the safehouse as opposed to one. This might, however, result in "shorter" levels, would it not?


The R32 is almost complete! It's quite detailed and through some pictures I will soon post, I want to show you all my level of dedication to the overall quality of the maps and furthermore, the campaign!


Hey folks! For anybody that's been reading about my future campaign and has been wondering about where I've been, I am glad to say that work has not stopped. In fact, with the Beta SDK now out, I will be at work more than ever! I've got a great subway in the works as well as a representation of my apartment building located in the Lower East Side (the home of a real New Yorker!). There are also a few prefabricated buildings that I am working on representing local businesses and such. If anyone lives in the New York area and would like to contribute textures indicating such, then I would be more than happy to accept and to give you credit. Send me an email at moc.liamtoh|niac_drapehs#moc.liamtoh|niac_drapehs to inquire. Until then, I will be hard at work giving you the most authentic experience possible =]

Maps planned:

A Night On The Town

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There are hundreds more maps for Left 4 Dead! Here are a few:







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