Author MaximusPM
Date of release TBA


The survivors find themselves stranded in a Sanatorium in the middle of nowhere. To find rescue, they must go through this creepy place, abandoned for years… But the place is no longer empty!


I'm researching blueprints for hospitals/sanatoriums and similar buildings and doing some planning for the maps and events. I already have in mind the finale for this campaign and the general idea for what it should look like. I'm trying to imagine some creepy environments and focus the fear on the place itself instead of in the infected. I should be releasing more info soon, as long as my PC cooperates. Also, I've not decided the name for the campaign, so I'm accepting suggestions… Something to do with 'silence' or 'echo', but no 'Dead Echo' nor 'Echoes from the Dead' please.

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There are hundreds more maps for Left 4 Dead! Here are a few:






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