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The City has come under siege by an unknown and relentless enemy. Banding together with three other survivors from different places and backgrounds, you decide to take shelter in what was once a sprawling shopping center. Carefully rationing out food and quietly subduing enemies that threaten to give away your position, you figure you might live long enough to outlast these…things. However, on an otherwise 'normal' day, fate bears other plans. Panicked survivors and military personnel run through the mall decimating everything in sight and they've brought the Horde with them. Do you face entrapment or do decide that your life doesn't end here?

Chapter 1: Shop 'Till You Drop

Once a sprawling shopping center, this place has fallen siege to The Infected. However, you have also managed to make a shelter out of it. This doesn't last long though, as panicked survivors and military personnel one day storm in and begin to burn everything. It's time to wake up and start moving again…

So Far…

Well, I've gotten a nice handle on what I want the mall to look like, but it's kind of hard to incorporate the multitudes of stores with the limited amount of signs and models in the game. I'm going to create a rough map version of what I want the mall to look like and then I'll work from there. P.S. Screens of what I've already got coming very soon!

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Chapter 2: Underground Fever

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