Fatal Siren

Fatal Siren

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Fatal Siren is a campaign based around Japanese survival horror games that I love so much. It is a combination of Siren (1, 2 an Blood Curse) and Fatal Frame (1 and 2). I want to recreate the spooky feeling that Japanese survival horror games are so good at. While each map will be based on an area from a particular game, there will also be original parts in between to tie it all together, so that it flows nicely.

The first map will be based on the hospital from Siren Blood Curse (PS3). You start on the hospital roof and have to get through the gates and to a safe room in the street outside. It will be a short map similar to No Mercy1.

The second map will be based on the mansion from Fatal Frame 1. Enter through the front, explore the mansion, then find the secret saferoom hidden deep within it.

The third map will be based on the school from Siren 1. I haven't planned much of this map yet, but I'm thinking I will need to add some barriers to force some linearity into the map.

The fourth map will be based on the joined twin houses from Fatal Frame 2, and some of the area outside.

The finale will be based on the urban area and docks from Siren 2. A big outdoor area with lots of rundown buildings to hide in while you wait for the rescue boat to arrive.

01/03/09 - I've been working steadily on the first map, just uploaded some new screenshots.

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