Ground Zero

Ground Zero

Chicago Ted

Date of release: see article

basic info: This is a campaign idea that i am just putting out there, i have not done any work on this and probably never will but this is for those who may need a bit of inspiration for their own campaigns that they want to create.

This Movie (campaign) is set in "Ground Zero" of the infection. Ground Zero is a huge city (with slums and a river running through it) that was where the infection first hit civilisation. It starts (in big scale) on one side of the city and crosses a river, in two ways, either the bridge way (takes longer and will be a map that will wittle down the survivors) or the slums (fast direct route but with a lot of opportunity to go wrong and badly wrong). The idea so far is to have this decision of directions on map 3 of 5. The Campaign will end with a train finale. The train finale i thought would start when the survivors call a rescue from the control tower of the station (tall thing) they must then fight their way down the tower to a more classic finale area, because if they are caught by a tank up in the tower they are all dead. from this fortifiable area they can see the way to the boarding area of a "soon to be here" train. when the train arrives, the survivors leg it perilously and attempt to board it.

For a tag line my first and only thought so far is this:
No choice. No chance. Lets kill us some zombies

feel free to improve on this.


maps are as follows:

map 1/unknown
map 2/way to river
map 3/cross river
map 4/route to station
map 5/ Train station finale

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