Hunter Training
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Author eyeonus
Date of release Version 4.8, August 9, 2013
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Hunter Training Map Sequel

I'm thinking of making a second HTM.

The idea is to have a full course like the Hunter of Persia set of challenges in the first. (C16-C20)

So, I'm looking for ideas.

I wouldn't mind an idea for a better name for the map, too.

So far, I have two ideas:

Pouncing through a hole in the floor down a shaft to Zoey, like in No Mercy outside of the hospital.

Wall pounce to 90° turn ceiling pounce.

I want to have 10-30 challenges.

All suggestions are welcome. You can post them here or on the Steam Forums thread.

Now available in the L4D2 Workshop!

Special notice for L4D2!

After a recent update, many commands are no longer able to be executed from the server as if they were being called by a player.

Among those commands are "z_spawn" and "give", two commands that HTM uses.

Further, in both single player and multiplayer on L4D2, the bots do not move on the Live Fire Course. I will be releasing an update that fixes this and possibly the other problems soon.

These issues only affect the Live Fire Course and multiplayer in L4D2. The map works exactly as it always has on L4D1. The Challenge Course is still working in L4D2 Single Player as well.

What does this mean for you?

It means that, on L4D2 servers, even with the plugin installed, the automatic spawning that occurs when you walk through the corridor, and in the spawn rooms on the Live Fire Course, will not work, and that on the Live Fire Course, your health will go down when you are hit.

You will have to spawn yourself as a hunter by typing "z_spawn hunter" into your console, or by putting 'bind X "z_spawn hunter" ' in your autoexec.cfg without the ', and pressing X to spawn a hunter. (You can replace X with any key - use Google to find the names of the keys if you don't know them.)

For those of you that want to have the automatic replenishing of health, add this to your autoexec.cfg:

alias inf_health_on "give health;wait 250;inf_health" //makes infected have "infinite" health by healing player every 1/4 second.
bind X "alias inf_health inf_health_on;inf_health" //turns on auto-healing
bind Y "alias inf_health wait" //turns off auto-healing

Press X (or whatever key you bind it to) to turn it on, and Y (or whatever key) to turn it off.

At this point there is no known way to correct these problems. As soon as one is found I will fix them.


A portal-like hunter training map for teaching advanced hunter pounce techniques and the practice thereof.

L4D Forums Hunter Discussion Thread


Hunter Training Map


PC Gamer review - Febuary, 2010


I have written a plugin that enables multiplayer on a dedicated server in L4D2. This plugin is needed to play the map on a L4D2 dedicated server, and is recommended for L4D. The plugin enables only the "cheat" commands the map needs to work, while keeping all other cheats locked behind the sv_cheats wall.

Enabled commands are:
give health
z_spawn [hunter|boomer|smoker|spitter|charger|jockey]

Various cvars are also enabled in order to correctly set the settings. If you're interested in them, look at the source code for the plugin.

You can also use the plugin to set any map into "Hunter Training Live Fire Course" mode, by entering "start_training" into the server's console.


L4D1 Method 1 (Easiest):
Right-Click the .vpk from within the .zip file, and select the "Open Outside" option. (It may be named differently depending on the program you're using, this is what it's called in 7zip.) You will receive a confirmation message stating the addon was installed.

L4D2 Method 1 (Easiest):
Subscribe to the map at the Steam Workshop page. It will automagically download and install itself the next time you start L4D2.

L4D1 & L4D2 Method 2:
Extract the .vpk to the "addons" directory of the game you want to play it in.
"…\Steam\SteamApps\common\left 4 dead\left4dead\addons"
OR "…\Steam\SteamApps\common\left 4 dead 2\left4dead2\addons"

On a dedicated server (L4D1 & L4D2):
1) Place the addon file in the "addons" directory on the server.

(The below is REQUIRED for L4D2 servers, and recommended for L4D servers.)
2) Install SourceMod. Refer to the SourceMod site for installation instructions.
3) Place the plugin file in the "addons/sourcemod/plugins" directory on the server.
4) Place the plugin extension file in the "addons/sourcemod/gamedata" directory on the server.


Single Player:

1) Select "Play Single Player", NOT "Play Campaign".
2) Choose Hunter Training in the addon campaign list, and start the game.
3) Wait until you spawn as a ghost smoker in the start room.

You can also start the maps using the console, with
"map hunter_training" for the Challenge Course or
"map_hunter_training_c21" for the Live Fire Course.


1) Open L4D(2)
\/Skip this step if you do not have a dedicated server.
2) Run "ms_dedicated_force_servers <server_ip>" in console, replacing <server_ip> with your server's IP address.
("mm_dedicated_force_servers <server_ip>" in L4D2)
3) Start a new Versus Lobby.
4) Select Hunter Training in the addon campaign list.
4a) Select "Best Available" (if you have a dedicated server).
4b) Select "Local" (if you do not).
5) When everyone is ready, start the game.


The map contains a series of challenges designed to teach players a variety of hunter techniques. These challenges are laid out in a similar style to Portal; the challenges start out very easy but progress quickly in difficulty.

The map is divided into 5 sections, each section covering a different aspect of hunter ability:
C1-C5: Basic Pouncing Techniques.
C6-C10: Advanced Pouncing Techniques.
C11-C15: Precision pouncing (Or, Target Practice)
C16-C20: Advanced Combo (Or, Hunter of Persia)
C21: Live Fire Course

The map is very user-friendly - there's NO messing around in the console required here with the autospawn system! Each challenge has written instructions and a fully animated VIDEO SCREEN that demonstrates how the challenge can be completed. In addition - a few of the trickier challenges can be skipped using a teleporter, so there is no risk of getting stuck!

There's now an in-game timer, too, for those of you who just have to speedrun the Challenge Course!

For detailed instructions on advanced hunter techniques see this thread: Hunter Techs.


Copyright Notice - please read

I have recently discovered that my map is being hosted, without my permission, on a number of other servers. I do not allow my map to be legally hosted at any location other than here for the simple reason that when I do release an update to the map, it is much easier to make sure that all the sites have the most up-to-date version when there's only one site to check. This one.

I have absolutely no idea what version of the map is being hosted on any site besides this one. I do know that neither L4D nor L4D2 will allow a person with a different version to join a game, which can be a serious issue.

I have sent a request for removal to those sites which I have found my map being illegally hosted on- if any of you happen to find another site doing so, please let me know so that I can inform them of the copyright violation.

Additional info

#4 in the 10 Best Custom Maps to get in the Feb, 2010 issue of PC Gamer!

Additional credits

Thanks go to:
Dr. Thunder Flash

And everyone that becomes a better hunter due to my map!

Special thanks:
Dr. Thunder Flash, for giving me the Live Fire Course to use as the Final Challenge.
Kaizoku, for his Advanced Hunter techniques thread, which helped inspire me to make this map, and his help in playtesting.
DIODIO, whose map Hunter City was the rest of the inspiration. (Because I felt something more user-friendly was needed.)
TheHolyChicken, for his extensive playtesting help, for making the videos for the in-game TVs, and for the design of the thread's OP. (Which this page is based on.)
Erzi, for giving me the idea to put videos into the map.
Flux89, for informing me that I can make the map auto-execute the commands needed to play it and telling me how.
Fisterbear, for making me laugh with his comment relating the original C8 to "genital sawing". :)
Rublore, for giving me the moving platform idea for C13.
NooBesT, for making the TV videos and extensive playtesting help.
Bachster, for adding a link to the discussion thread to his "Useful Threads" thread on the forums.


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