Author Murmkuma
Date of release version 2.2 06/09/2011
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Survivors travel to East-End Ottawa to pick up Elli's on-line friend janinja only to find him dead in his hold-up on the 8th floor.
Now the Survivors must travel through Blackburn Hamlet down Innes Road, Through Pineview and summon a rescue at the End of the Pedestrian Overpass at Blair Station. Featuring Original music by BLACK MARKET CANDY

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Murmkuma- Design
Torinaga- Tester


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Chapter 1: The Apartments

Survivors Find Jaininja Dead in his holdup. Now they must start the long journey to the nearest extract point at Blair Station.

Chapter 2: The Shoppes

Survivors continue the journey down Innes Road through the small suburb of Blackburn Hamlet. Finding the shoppes quarantined the survivors must find a way around the barricade into the Bank ATM Safehouse.

Chapter 3: Innes Road

After Leaving the ATM safehouse the survivors find yet another roadblock at the local watering hole. It seems the only way around is through the bar, having to move the jukebox out of the way to pass.
Featuring Original Music from BLACK MARKET CANDY

Chapter 4: Pineview

Having made it to the Innes, Blair Intersection…Survivors now have to travel through Pineview stopping to check and see if anyone is left alive at Kuma's.

Chapter 5: The Overpass

On the last stretch before rescue survivors continue the passage through Pineview ending up at the pedestrian overpass leading to Blair Station.
Survivors will have to summon a rescue and survive the onslaught to escape alive.

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