KF Biotics
Author GenBowL
Date of release July 22, 2012 (v1.0)
.bsp filename l4d_sv_kfbiotics


Survivors are trapped in an underground genetics laboratory, and the elevator doesn't work! How long can you survive? KF Biotics is loosely based on the map "Biotics Lab" from Killing Floor. The basic idea was to re-create the layout and atmosphere of Biotics, without worrying about little details, and maintaining Valve design standards. The map was created using only Left4Dead resources, props, and textures. The map will look and feel very different than its Killing Floor counterpart. And with good reason! Doing a "port" conversion is rather impossible, and a large three floor map doesn't work very well in survival mode. By using only one floor and limiting the areas of gameplay, the survivors have a better chance against a faster moving horde. KF Biotics is not intended for newbies! There are extra zombie spawns to create a constant flow that never stops. Running to get ammo, medkits, or pills will require a team effort.

Additional Info

  • Survival mode only
  • 4 medkits
  • 4 pain pills
  • 4 oxygen tanks
  • 4 propane tanks
  • 4 gas cans
  • 4 molotovs
  • 4 pipe bombs
  • 2 weapons (shotgun/rifle)
  • Includes all images for lobby/loading screen, and addon mission documents.

Additional Credits

The original "Biotics Lab" was created by Alex Quick and Tripwire Interactive for Killing Floor. No copyright infringement intended.


v1.0 - First release (not final)


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