Paris by Night
Author DeadCPC Team
Date of release When it's done


A french custom campaign taking place in Paris. Details coming soon.

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Chapter 1: Les Champs Elysees

Survivors have barricaded themselves in the basement of a Paris department store, when they hear an announcement on the radio: A train is coming in a nearly station to rescue the survivors. They decide to leave their shelter to get there, fighting through the infected streets of Paris.

Chapter 2: Les Catacombes

After fighting trough the Champs Elysees, the survivors enter the catacombs. Claustrophobic atmosphere under the "ville de lumière".

Chapter 3: Le Louvre

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Chapter 4: Le Jardin Des Plantes

This is the fourth map of the Paris by Night campaign. The survivors managed to survive in the Louvre and must now pass through the garden plants, a famous Parisian park.

It will include some new models and textures. No new weapons or characters.

Chapter 5: La gare

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