Resident Evil: Outbreak

Resident Evil: Outbreak

Author Savior X (Matthew Olivo)
Date of release 0.1 Alpha
.bsp filename l4d_outbreak


So, by far one of my favorite zombie games (other than L4D), was Resident Evil Outbreak. There was just something fun about how the game played and the maps you played on. So, I'm attempting to re-work that magic that I found by creating a campaign that will span all 5 of the maps from the original Outbreak (might even work on File 2 if I get this one done).

I've uploaded my current state in map making right now, bundled in a nice .vpk file. I am currently working on the first map of the game titled Outbreak that takes place in J's Bar and eventually you work your way onto Main Street in Raccoon City.

Currently, I only have the first large building you start off, but the basic structure is all done all the way up to the rooftop leap to the building across the way. Now, this is a VERY EARLY alpha build of it, I didn't even both working in any textures or anything, but all the basic structuring is done.

So, I would like some feedback from you guys based on the progress I have done so far and any tips you may have. Also, the nav mesh is THERE, but I've never been very good at making them so I just auto-generated one. The bots don't seem to follow you though, fair warning. I hope to get most of the entire first map (just basic structuring) done by the end of this week, if not completely done. Anyways, enjoy and please let me know what you think.

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[08/05/09] - First upload of first map, early alpha version, not complete.


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