Samurai Monkey's - Dead End

Samurai Monkey's - Dead End

Author Samurai Monkey
Date of release Undecided


June 29th 09 - Announcing today, I am going to be relaesing soon a sneak peek of this campaign in the form of a Survival Map. It will be based on the The Secondary School section and check out a couple of screens there. PLEASE NOTE: This is still early development and is not far down the line yer, but summers coming and that means free time!


The survivors are brought to London only to discover the infection has spread there too. They will battle through schools, high streets and the underground to eventually catch a ride on the train to anywhere but London. It's gonna be dark, and there's gonna be zombies.

What do I wanna do?

As a lonesome, beginner mapper, I really wanted to use this to test drive certain things:

Cinematic - Making sections of my campaign a cinematic experience. I felt apart from the cinematic at the beginning and end of each campaign, you were shooting zombies. That's it. But I want to utilize lighting, crescendo events and custom music to create a campaign that isn't just shooting zombies.

Puzzle elements - Using you brain, not just shooting others. A controversial one as it could risk breaking up the pace of the game, and, without friends could simply feel like a drag on your own. But I will test and experiment with ideas.

Lighting and custom music - To create a better experience. No offense to Valve, you did a great job with music, but it did get boring. I want to bring in new musical elements to enhance gameplay. With the use of lighting to contrast the dark, I want to bring it out of just that and use it to create a greater feel of importance and feel more like a valuable source of hope, than a meaningless excuse for a light.

Custom created content - You guys in on the job. Call it lazy ( I would ) but I cant do this on my own. Play testers, custom models and any ideas are all things you can help me with if you wish.


My Clan - Killer's Don't Die -

Chapter 1: High Street

The survivors transport crashed and they are left on their own to make it to the train station for a safe extraction. They will battle through the street with only the pistols found on the transport and the single SMG with which they will have to decide who gets it.

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Chapter 2: The Supermarket

After escaping the infested high street, the survivors seek refuge in a local supermarket. Now armed with the security guards guns, they make it through the multiple levels to get back on the road towards the school.

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Chapter 3: The Secondary School

The Secondary school, recently tagged as being 'safe' seemed like the survivors ideal spot to rest and wait for extraction, but the school could not hold out enough and was overrun hours before the arrival of the survivors. Plenty of zombies, killing and blood.

Chapter 4: The Underground

To the survivors amazement, the school has an underground access and without hesitation, they all escape the school but the underground is home to most of the zombies. Having been the birthplace of tanks and special infected, minding the gap is last on these survivors minds.

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Chapter 5: Train Station Finale

Escaping with barley their limbs, the survivors make it up top to discover they have made it to the extraction point but with the driver dead, the technological wizards at camp have to control the train and with the power out, it takes time, and a lot of noise. How long will they hold out?

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