Stronghold Plaza
Author Ghost_Zero
Date of release Beta 1 - December 3, 2008
.bsp filename l4d_vs_stronghold


Shortly after the first infection, the town of Riverside built a small "plaza", earning it the name "Stronghold Plaza", with 4 walls separating it from the outside and the infected. However, on one fateful day, a plane crashed in the plaza, releasing several infected survivors and spreading the disease into the plaza. The military were able to build a small barricade and protect the survivors, but only four survived. The military also perished, leaving behind some ammo and a barricade. And that's where the map begins.

This small versus map requires you to hold off the horde for 15 minutes and get to the chopper on top of the safe room (a small bookstore) in an urban environment.

Additional info

There are a few known issues that will be resolved once the SDK is released:

  • Ladders don't work.
  • Sometimes the prop_dynamics disappear after the map restarts.
  • In order to win the round, the infected must kill the survivors.
  • Since the ladders don't work, you can walk on the crashed train to get on to the buildings. However, sometimes it might move through the building and fall out.
  • There's a car crash outside the beginning that for some reason comes up as an error model.
  • The mission file won't work. In order to host, go to your server and type "changelevel l4d_vs_stronghold".

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