Running one track at a time

Author Edwil
Date of release New Beta release 9th April, 2009


9th April - Released both the late and early beta for Storerooms and The Subaway, More details on the maps pages.

(My first map/campaign) The campaign places survivors in a beaten up subway, They have to make there way through battling a lot of triggered hordes and small puzzles in later beta releases.

Maps planned:

The Storerooms
The Subaway
The Streets
The Rooftops

Chapter 1: The Storerooms

Survivors start off down in what seems to be a storage/workplace down in the subway. With most exits collapsed the survivors need to battle through into the subway system.

Originally i wanted to have alot of triggered hordes to pressure the survivors, However (aleast with the fake sdk) This doesn't work as i wanted, You trigger a horde it will clear out a large part of the map and also you can't keep triggering hordes it must have a cooldown. Its actually much better to just let the zombies have natural hordes - AS it doesn't clear the map and makes people take alot longer to complete the level.

Alots changed since the first released alpha - But i feel theres still quite alot to polish later.
Blast door added with triggered horde.

Chapter 2: The Subaway

Survivors fight the way through the broken subway system, attempting to reach ground level.

(please note the area next to the exit saferoom isn't finished)
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