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Author Raistlin
Date of release 15th February 2010
.bsp filename subwaysurvival.bsp



Next Stop: Hell!
This is a Showdown at a subway station.
I work on it since 1 year and the map was for CounterStrike Source then for L4D1, but now i make it for L4D2.

- Includes 2 stories (the station platform and the underpass)
- More then 10 secure spawnpoints for infected and many directions to attack.
- Two miniguns at the station plattform
- affectionate ambient and details
- many on custom materials (unzipped over 120 MB)
- a intro
- a sweet secret (try to found it (only in L4D2 available)
- a evil secret (it founds you)
- Bot-friendly (also Singleplayer is available, but not recommended, it makes more fun online)
- Discoverer-friendly
- binds teamwork (mavericks doesn´t have any chance to survive)
- Randomly destination for the chainsaw

Additional info

You will need the Left 4 Dead 2 Addon Support-Tool if you play it on L4D2.
If you want to hear some custom sounds you will need to type into the console snd_rebuildaudiocache and wait for the progress bar, if it complete filled you can shutdown the left4dead2.exe (or left4dead.exe) prozess with the task manager and restart Left 4 Dead or Left 4 Dead 2.

Additional credits:

Frontschwein // Ideas, Help
Bananenminister // Ideas, Beta-Tests
Wutoholik // Beta-Tests
Endzeit // Beta-Tests
Yuv912^ // Beta-Tests
Doomed_Angel // Beta-Tests
Nebukadnezar // Model
Campeon // Model
Kain // Model
halo4life // Models
spine // Texture
FreqMan // Sound

Specical Thanks to:

[] (german mapping community)
[] (an international site for models and textures)

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