The House of Oroth

The House of Oroth

Author The Indigo Raven
Date of release Unknown



  • Waking up in The Foxhole Hotel, the survivors find themselves unable to fully recall the past twenty four hours. Messages scrawled in black are everywhere, ranging from the recently deceased to the still struggling. The Hotel is not empty, as large as it is, a swarm of infected lurk in every long hallway. Messages on the wall depict a similar fate, waking here, not fully remembering what had happened. Some claim to remember dieing.
  • One thing ubiquitous though, is the Call, the voice of the entity directing you. Always suggesting, demeaning, taunting. Insanity is inevitable, you're running out of time, and fast. Escape the Call, escape your fate.
  • CEDA's sub-division. Genetically Operated Destruction Division. Otherwise known as G.O.D. Claims to have no hand in this abnormal mess, but can such snakes in the grass really be trusted?
  • Sixty Five. A prevalent number in The House of Oroth. It's mystery is linked to your survival.
  • Abnormalities are not uncommon, as seen scrawled on walls, a Man had lit a candle in a dark room, and it soon darkened.

Campaign Overview

  • The House of Oroth consists of five maps, each in familiar and unfamiliar themes. The Survivors will start off in The Foxhole Hotel and will finish on a 'Higher Plane'.
  • The Survivors will be plagued by the whispers of The Unseen One.
  • Reality and Imagination blur as the Survivors progress.
  • Intricate levels with non-linear paths, traps and mind games await. Choices are the bread and butter of both the Versus version and the Campaign.
  • Story and Entertainment will mix.
  • Small parts of No Mercy and Death Toll will make appearances in the final level(s).
  • The House of Oroth will combine gruesome images and environments balanced with environments of grandeur.
  • Small parts of Blood Harvest and Dead Air will make appearances in the final level(s)
  • Over thousands of custom made Decals, depicting the Symbols of the central Antagonistic Figure and the messages of those before you.
  • Objective Content, such as time constraints, shifting pathways, and keys required to complete the level are prevalent throughout the Map.
  • Over a hundred sound files added, including custom music for the Campaign version.
  • Versus will have infrequent usage of the plethora of new sound files.
  • Crescendo Events designed to make you move from safe zone to safe zone.
  • Lighting gradually becomes more infrequent, resulting in much more difficult game play towards the end.

Maps planned:

The Call
The Whisper
The Lucid
The Lucid 2
The Nightmare

Chapter 1: The Call

Survivors awaken in a Hotel room, they have just killed over a dozen innocent Survivors and a voice repeats something in their head. They must escape the Infected Hotel and the city before their minds are lost to The Unseen One. Complications, ensue however. Leads to - The Whisper, a Woods map.

The First Zone - The Halls. The Halls were specifically designed to split the survivors should they choose to look for items or wander off, certain furniture are knocked over at just the right angle for Smoker's to snag somebody and have minimal cover from bullets. The Halls are exceptionally dark and tight, almost every room in The Halls are breakable by Infected to offer surprise attacks. The Glass Ceiling above the Main Hall can be broken and will offer hunters a small chance at a 5 - 16 (??) damage pounces. The Halls as stated before are exceptionally close quarters, and therefore are easy to blow away many zombies with shotguns, and can be skipped in a very short time. If the windows are destroyed and the Survivors are under them, they will deal 5 damage per window (3 windows).

The Second Zone - The Lounge. Designed to be open, confined and cluttered all at once, there are two exceptionally good places for a boomer or special infected to spawn. One is behind the Piano in the corner, which a dead woman sits on, and the other is a hastily built fortress of tables. Once The Lounge ends, the Survivors will have to make a choice on where to go now.

The Third Zone A - The Roof. Choosing to take a higher route, the Survivors will climb up the ladder and enter the rooftop. It is wide and open while being generally more lit then the previous zones. There is a risk of fall damage (though less guaranteed then Zone B) high pounces and a single Panic Event. The Panic Event (Power Box malfunction) will trigger the bridge to unjam and slowly re-connect to the survivors location alerting the horde. High Pounces, lots of zombies and falling make this seem a poor choice, it is however much shorter then the other pathways to the end of the level. Once the Panic Event is over, the Survivors can take a short, straight stairwell down to the slums. This route allows you to bypass most of the Hotel, at the cost of a controlled moment for which the Infected can plan. Another downside, would be that Hunter can manipulate the long downward stairwell to easily do high damage pounces (there is no room to dodge either, skeeting or dead stopping would be the only defense).

The Third Zone B - The Broken Floor. This zone is directly ahead of The Lounge, it is a floor having been leveled by an Infected. Because of this, the Survivors must jump across a broken floor board, giving a Smoker the chance to pull one off for Fall Damage and separation. Successfully taking this route, will allow you quick access to the Third Floor, and allowing you to skip the Book Store and Bathrooms.

The Third Zone C - The Lower Halls. Falling or purposely jumping down will lead you to the lower halls, falling to the Third Floor, while not resulting in fall damage, will take you down a longer path. This path takes you to The Third Zone C1.

The Third Zone C1 - The Long Hall. This zone, defended by moving several couches into a barrier position, allowed a Survivor to live for some time. However, they now serve as objects in your way, as you want out, not in. Being boomed while maneuvering past the couch defense, can prove troublesome, as falling between the spaces while swarmed and partially blind will make it hard to save constricted and or pounced allies. This leads to The Third Zone C2.

The Third Zone C2 - The Bookstore. This zone, ransacked and partially destroyed by a rampage of infected, holds the challenge of sticking together. To cross the zone, you must jump across a slanted bookcase, which is harder to climb back over then to climb over. A well timed pull and boom could prove problematic. To pass this zone, a bookcase must be destroyed with a very convenient propane tank. Stay back though, or suffer 5 - 10 damage. Leads to The Third Zone C3.

The Third Zone C3 - The Bathrooms. This zone, largely unscathed by the Infection, suffers only minor damage such as two overturned stalls and a hole in the wall. The purpose of this zone, is to slow the survivors down.

Chapter 2: The Whisper

Following the previous map, The Call. The Whisper is a heavily forested map and the whispers from the Unseen One have started to become scarce. This leads to the map The Lucid.

Intended to be a test of exploration, the paths to choose from will range in the dozens with each one being on a varying degree of difficulty.

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Chapter 3: The Lucid

Contains Plot details and Spoilers, read at your own risk.

Follows the map The Whisper. Having managed to work through the labyrinth of trees and shrubbery, the Survivors have descended in to a Cave that is rumored to prevent the influence of the Unseen One. However, upon entering the cave the Unseen One reveals that he has been stringing you along this entire time. Though you thought you were escaping his grasp, you actually did the opposite. In this Cave his power and influence are absolute, with this in mind he opens a rift to 'his world' the 'Lucid Plane' where reality bends to his will. Bill, Louis, Francis and Zoey will travel that which cannot be seen, the plane of Lucidity.

This and the following map, The Lucid 2, are the longest maps in the Campaign. They are also some of the most unique maps in the Campaign. Because reality is no longer an issue, the maps design can jump from planned intricacy, to unfathomable chaotic environments. An example idea for this map, is the start zone, once you explore a small section of the cave you enter the Lucid Plane. Upon entering the Lucid Plane you will fight atop chunks of floating rock and traverse a Desert/Oasis that shifts from day to night and slowly becomes more visually unsettling.

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