The Residence
Author AceGec3D
Date of release Current: Version C1. Final: June 30, 2009.
.bsp filename l4d_theresidence_c1


Its been three weeks after the initial outbreak, and a group of survivors have stumbled upon a house that has been modified into a fortress. Little do you know, there is a maniac that has token over the power systems in the front closet. After accidentally alerting him to your presence, he panics, and unleashes a spotlight that attracts every zombie in a 20 mile radius… shit.

This map was a model of my house, that after being bored to death a few weeks ago. At first, it was just to test how Left 4 Dead's mapping system works. But, I kept building onto it until i came out to this. Pretty interesting, I know. But trust me, its a hell of a riot once you get playing it. Some features include;

-Small hallways for sick close quarters combat.
-Two miniguns guarding major entrances.
-Movable couches to make barricades with.
-Dark lighting for semi-realistic, yet fast passed fighting sequences.
-High-detailed shadows
-Easter egg that doesn't work! (Will be fixed in Version C2)

Anyway, please send me all glitches, optimizations, and plausible fixes to me as soon as you discover them.


Additional info

- An easter egg that involves the toilet that doesn't work.
- This might be turned into a finale for an entire campaign. This might be out some time around October.
- Might change skybox texture for something that isn't so bright.
- Lighting might be tuned up a bit, depending on feedback.
- A system with specs that match or exceed the recommended Left 4 Dead system requirements is highly recommended for smooth gameplay.

Additional credits

- Hip Shot: Current Skybox Texture (Grimm night)
- Danman87: Epic Music (Hybrid Statement)
- The Hidden: Source Team Horror Music (HDN_Docks)




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