The Salmar Theatre
Author Ajax
Date of release May 4, 2009 (survival version)
.bsp filename l4d_sv_salmar_b01


You have just finished a weekend zombie movie marathon at the old Salmar Classic theater. As you exit the theater on Sunday afternoon, you find the movie surround sound had drowned out the infection outbreak in the streets outside. You must first find a radio (spawned in a random location) to call for help. From the radio, you are instructed to get to the roof of the apartment across the street for evac. The apartments are on back-up power with only emergency/natural lighting. The door to the roof is electronically locked and must be overridden…you are sent to the security server in the basement. Damn thing needs a keycard (randomly spawned somewhere in the apartments) before you can get access. Once you have the card, the server must reboot…wait 2 minutes for a randomly generated 3 digit code to be displayed on the screen. Get up to the roof and punch the code in to open the door. The helicopter may only wait for a couple minutes…if you are not there in time…well, then you are "left 4 dead".

Additional info

  • This map was being built for Zombie Panic as an objective map meant to be played in 15 minute rounds. It was then ported to L4D and is currently getting an overhaul for L4D2.
  • Story and objectives may be tweaked.
  • It is based on a section of street near Ajax's home.
  • Most of the models and textures in the screens are from ZPS, so they have been removed and are being replaced with L4D content.
  • Lighting is still WIP…well, everything is really. This is Ajax's first map made in Hammer.
  • There's a survival version. The L4D2 version will be the coop/versus objectived based version.
    • Once in the map, you will see a dead cop with a radio on his chest. If you mouse over him, the corpse will glow. "Use" this corpse to start the survival clock. The map is a lot larger than the official survival maps, so explore lots to find yourself a good place to hold up. (these notes are for the old L4D1 survival beta) You will also find that rain gutters can be climbed by both survivors and infected…I did this on purpose.

*The new L4D2 version has been created in a little more linear style to help the AI follow the objectives properly, and so as not to confuse those linear players who might not like an open concept. Other versions will likely see the open concept return.

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