Urban Decay

Urban Decay

Author Tyr
Date of release To be released, unannounced date


This will be a complete campaign called "Urban Decay", characterizing a city in downfall due to the infection (a la I Am Legend). I'm thinking of letting it take place just before the No Mercy campaign, making it end the moment No Mercy starts. I'm not yet sure if this will be a single- or multimap campaign, but I'll just start with this.

I've made a video showing all what I have now, watch it here. It spawns special infected and normal zombies at times, as the director is not yet optimal. Its mainly the brushwork and flow that's shown.

I'm currently working on my own mod as well, but will finish this in the coming months. Detail and realism will come as soon as the SDK comes out (which will be in the next week(s)).

Chapter 1: The Garage

Chapter 2: Unnamed

This is the second (or third) map in the Urban Decay campaign, which is undergoing major changes. This, however, is a media release for this map. It doesn't have a name yet, but will be set mainly underground in a seweresque environment.

This is a media release as I do not have the time and the SDK to finish a playable version. Its much too short and still has some errors.
More details to come.

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Early alpha brushwork and entities

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