Ways to Contribute

Ways to Contribute

Help make this wiki the most complete L4D maps resource! Achieving this goal is not a one man operation, but is possible through the participation of many developers and players. Anyone can add or edit content and improve the map database.

Add new content

Add Map

Showcasing a map in the map DB will allow it to get plenty of community feedback and exposure. This lets you make an informational page for a map, then add downloads, screenshots, videos, etc.

Add Mapper

Mappers are the creative source behind all of the maps we play. Each mapper should have a page that links to their maps and website if available. A bio for each mapper is also encouraged.

Improve existing content

Upload Screenshots

All map pages have a gallery of screenshots. Look for maps that don't have many screenshots and upload some. Screenshots are essential to showcasing maps, so add as many as you feel are necessary. There is no limit to the number of screenshots you can have.


If a page has multiple screenshots, the image at the top of its file list (first alphabetically) is automatically considered the primary screenshot and will be used as a thumbnail throughout the site. You can designate the primary screenshot for a map by renaming it with a "0" in front.

Insert Videos

Videos are a great way of showing how a map looks and plays. Embeds from most video-hosting sites are supported. Read the guide to get the simple video insertion code.

Add Tags

Tags allow for a flexible way of categorizing maps, and make it easy for players to find the what they want. They're shown in the upper right-hand corner of the map pages.

Complete tasks on the To-do List

Pages in the to-do list need to be improved in some way, such as adding more info, screenshots, finding download mirrors, etc. These are usually easy tasks, but they make a huge difference.

Feedback and sharing

Provide Feedback

Commenting provides mappers with valuable feedback and gives other players insight into the quality of a map. Write a short comment, report a bug, or write a full-fledged review.

Promoting L4D Map DB = Promoting the work of L4D mappers

  • Use the social sharing buttons to share content with others.
  • Link to L4D Map DB on other sites and forums.
  • Invite L4D players and mappers to join the wiki.
  • Invite L4D players and mappers to join our Steam Group.
  • Use our banners in your map or website. In return, L4D Map DB will help promote your map even more.
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