Chapter 3: The Lucid

Chapter 3: The Lucid

Contains Plot details and Spoilers, read at your own risk.

Follows the map The Whisper. Having managed to work through the labyrinth of trees and shrubbery, the Survivors have descended in to a Cave that is rumored to prevent the influence of the Unseen One. However, upon entering the cave the Unseen One reveals that he has been stringing you along this entire time. Though you thought you were escaping his grasp, you actually did the opposite. In this Cave his power and influence are absolute, with this in mind he opens a rift to 'his world' the 'Lucid Plane' where reality bends to his will. Bill, Louis, Francis and Zoey will travel that which cannot be seen, the plane of Lucidity.

This and the following map, The Lucid 2, are the longest maps in the Campaign. They are also some of the most unique maps in the Campaign. Because reality is no longer an issue, the maps design can jump from planned intricacy, to unfathomable chaotic environments. An example idea for this map, is the start zone, once you explore a small section of the cave you enter the Lucid Plane. Upon entering the Lucid Plane you will fight atop chunks of floating rock and traverse a Desert/Oasis that shifts from day to night and slowly becomes more visually unsettling.

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