Chapter 3: The Top Deck Finale

Chapter 3: The Top Deck Finale

In the Top Deck finale the survivors will breach the top deck and head for the bridge of the ship where they will radio in a rescue, after calling for help, the finale BEGINS. infected will come out of the woodwork from all over the ship, making this more complicated than your average finale (usually the finale area is not very big and this makes it more simple). the sinking of the ship is well and truly on its way now so you are on a slight tilt making moving towards the rescue zone (front of the ship where a helicopter will drop a ladder for you to climb up and into the heli - note this was the original concept for the no mercy finale-) more difficult. At this point considering the infected have some sense they will all make a mad rush away from the water and towards you where they will attempt to linch you. This will be awesome…

PS: this was written by Chicago Ted i took the liberty of filling in an empty wiki and so this is what i think the finale might be like. if you like it you need only tell the people making this campaign :). i have not done any work on this campaign so this is just conceptual

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