Chapter 4: Military Outpost

Chapter 4: Military Outpost

  • You have escaped Riverside City, your next challenge is to reach the outpost. Separation is not an option, you will be torn apart by the Special Infected.
  • The survivors quickly find out that the quarantine failed. The scribblings on the wall mention a chemical in the water as a possible cause for the infection.
  • This map does feature an altering path which will sometimes place the survivors on the street after leaving the tunnel and other times on a sky bridge into the warehouse.

Crescendo Events

  • Tank - There is a main battle tank moves when ready, it will drive down the road and blow up the barrier.

Survivor Tips

  • You will find several defibrillators in this map, chances are you will need them during the scavenge event.
  • People often get separated because they think it's easy only to regret it. Keep in groups of at least 2.
  • Beware of the exploding barrels throughout the map. Some explosions can call in hordes and often at the wrong time.

Versus Tips

  • Hit the Survivors right away and then try and reset a trap for the survivors at the end of the first turn in the tunnel. The barrels ,as well as the alarm car in front of the truck, will call the Horde if shot. If used correctly, you can wear down the Survivors and deplete their ammo.
  • The Versus path generally will run the survivors over the skybridge instead of the street. If this happens, try to charge or jockey players through a window from in front. Smokers should spawn in behind the survivors in the room next to the bridge and attempt to smoke people through the windows to their death.
  • Look to use the trees in the road or plan on hiding behind walls and objects at survivor height.

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