Chapter 1: The Prison

Chapter 1: The Prison

You thought you were safe…….. You thought you had escaped the danger. Maybe God just doesn't like you….

The Prison is the first map of my campaign Cold Case. The team had found the location of a secret island that has a large military base on it. Thinking this island would be the best place to wait out the infection, they head to it. The Prison is the first map I have made on the source engine. To be frank, it uses a lot of SDK parts. It is essentially DM_Lockdown X2 for the prison. The team starts out sheltered in a cave contemplating the tragic circumstances of their arrival, (after a hella-cool intro cutscene btw). They work there way through the lower levels and find out the virus is also at this island. In the prison, they find a tape of one of the detainees. On it, he explains the hellish circumstances that came to pass, and how to make their way to the military facility located on the western edge of the island. However, to cut off the tide of the horde, the military had destroyed the bridge linking the prison to the facility. The only safe route is a complicated trek around the entire island.

The survivors basically work their way, "out and over", the prison. After exiting via the roof to the courtyard, the only way they can escape the facility is by opening the main gates system, (which therefore attracts every zombie in a one mile radius). This starts a long, and detailed "GET TO THE CHOPPAH!" moment where the survivors must make their way through the courtyard to the sewers. Here, they slide down a chute and get split up into two teams! At the underwater treatment plant and storage facility, they must take turns covering one-another while they do arduous tasks, (such as picking a lock, or trying to get a door open), until they get to the final freight elevator. During this entire time, the horde is constantly looking for fresh meat :)

When I started making my map series, I started out with cc1, and worked my way to cc4. After I laid the preliminaries, I backtracked from cc4 to cc1 detailing the maps. As you can probably tell the treatment plant, (spot where the survivors are split up, and have to cover each other), is the last section of my maps I made.

  • Uses a heavily modified dm_lockdown for the prison.
  • The survivors only have pistols for most of the map, (there may be a hidden shotgun here and there!)
  • Unique gameplay involves the team getting split up, and forces them to cover one-another while they do tasks.

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