Chapter 2: The Overgrown Facility

Chapter 2: The Overgrown Facility

The Overgrown Facility is the second map in my map series Cold Case. After escaping with their lives from The Prison, the survivors have only begun their long and arduous journey. The only known safe haven on the island is at a military base on the opposite side of the island. The only non-suicidal passage to this base is a large, expansive forest that wraps around the eastern part of the city. Not to mention the thousands of infected with numerous hiding places for them to strike, the survivors must lure and kill as many infected as they can before they can safely proceed. To do this, they must use the resources of a small abandoned military position to thin out the forest.

Ammo? Check
Medicine? Check
Weapons? Check
Machine gun emplacements? Double check!
Ridge mined with C4 explosives? Ooohhh many check!
Calling a horde of 500 zombies at one time………

Strangely, there is a very large abandoned facility that lays right between our heroes and their destination. What secrets does this complex hold?

  • Features the facility portion of my un-released map reo2.

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