Chapter 5: The Source

Chapter 5: The Source

In part 4 of the Cold Case series, the party finally arrive at the military evacuation site. Ironically, it is also the source of the infection that has now become a pandemic. Perched on top of the underground laboratory structure is the now-overrun military evacuation site. Inside they will have all of their answers- whether they like it or not….

-CC4 has changed a lot over development. I have chosen to make the map optionally expansive in the labs, however I kept it relatively simple. This is because CC4 has a lot of different outcomes depending on your actions in each of the maps. CC4 is the only map in the series, (except the secret finale), where you don't have to bend over backwards to get special weapons, and the only map so far where you can get the auto shotgun without unlocking it.

-CC4's zombies are the most advanced in the series. They are faster, tougher, and more alert than the previous maps. Some zombies, (the boomer for example), has evolved to have a lot of hit points.

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