Chapter 1: Riverside City

Chapter 1: Riverside City

  • There is plenty of room for all of the infected to operate including easy access to the rooftops even if the survivors have generally wide places to operate. The map plays out horizontally and vertically both. You start off before climbing to the top of a high rise apartment fighting your way down to the basement below. You proceed under the roadway into a second high rise towards the exit. At the same time, there are a limited number of med packs in the map (it would be wise to save them). Hunters and Smokers will make a killing by working those rooftops while boomers will keep constant pressure on survivors inside the buildings.
  • One of the longest maps of the campaign, survivors are introduced to a mostly urban setting.
  • Riverside has been quarantined from the rest of the world as the unaffected residents attempted to escape. The city population was quickly infected though, expect far higher zombie populations than you would from a map like Blood Harvest (L4D1) or Hard Rain (L4D2). The train running through the map hints at the finale.

Crescendo Events

  • Chain Link Fence - This event is a flip a switch and fight the horde. The buildings around you though are all good hiding places for Hunters and Smokers, watch and listen.
  • Rollup Door - This is a gauntlet crescendo event. You may find guns, Pipe bombs, First aid kits, and Pain pills in one of the side rooms but the horde will not quit until sometime after you hit the elevator button.

Survivor Tips

  • This map is just short of an extended gauntlet, you can either run through it or take a little more time and explore. Those who explore are far more likely to find extra ammo and First aid kits but more hordes, Those who run will see far fewer hordes but less items.
  • Pay close attention to the environment. If an ambulance/police car has it's lights on then keep an eye out for nearby weapons.
  • The map design is intentionally mazelike. In a city that was quickly blocked of and then abandoned expect the path to be confusing. People who know the map will do far better in versus.
  • Many times you can go east or west in the map and the survivors will come back to you.

Versus Tips

  • As the survivors climb the first set of stairs, come up behind them with the Charger and try and drive the survivors into the alarm car. There are a ton of zombies to distract, make use of the height differences to hit them when they aren't looking.
  • Good Smokers and Hunters will work the rooftops.
  • Boomers in the apartments.
  • Boomers and Smokers can inflict extra panic by running survivors into the many alarm cars. Because it's a maze, you don't always have to run in front of the survivors to get ahead of them.

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