Chapter 2: Back Alley

Chapter 2: Back Alley

  • After surviving the main part of the city, you will exit through the back part of the city. Be sure to search the areas to be awarded with melee weapons, med packs, firearms and other items.
  • Back Alley is a much shorter map with much narrower pathways. With it's twisting, turning route the action will come fast and furious.
  • Often times the infected will appear with little or no warning and only your quick wits will allow you to survive. It includes a vantage point into Riverside which you just left as well as a peek at the Bridge for map 3.

Crescendo Events

  • Parking Ramp Entrance - This event is a standard flip a switch and rip up the horde although this event can deliver some surprises.
  • 2nd Parking Ramp door - Hit the switch and try and survive the horde. Tanks are known to spawn around here as well as witches.

Survivor Tips

  • It's worth exploring the side routes as you will often find tier 2 guns or extra med kits by following the first couple dead ends.
  • Often overlooked, you can find pipe bombs, molotovs, or boomer bile jars inside the parking structure pay station.
  • Be aware of where your teammates are in this map, it's easy to get separated, which usually results in swift death at the hands of the Specials.

Versus Tips

  • The alley is very narrow and the buildings are tall. Smokers and Hunters survivability is high on the rooftops.
  • Hunters can nail 25 point pounces but there isn't a lot of wiggle room.
  • There is a hidden entrance above the parking structure that infected can use to surprise survivors.
  • Smokers have a couple of spots where they can drop survivors back into earlier parts of the map.

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