Chapter 3: Draw Bridge

Chapter 3: Draw Bridge

  • You now have reach mid-point of the campaign, zombies will not allow you to leave without a good fight. Reaching the bridge is the end of the line, watch out for ambushes. Draw Bridge is your escape from Riverside into the town across the river, which is outside of the quarantine zone.
  • Although a shorter map, Bridge features Dead City at it's most intense. Expect an almost constant zombie presence that is designed to wear your team down.
  • Even 4 teammates working together will find this map to be challenging while individuals will quickly be eliminated even on normal. The Bridge includes vantage points to look back into Back Alley, Riverside and into the sky box towards the Military Outpost map.

Crescendo Events

  • Chain Link Fence - This event has you flip the switch opening up 2 fences. The zombies will come for a long time, most players fight the horde on the move.
  • Alarm Door - A Gauntlet event that should be over quick provided you run.
  • Parking Structure Garage Door - Hit the switch and wait out the zombies. Beware of the zombies coming through the windows as well as the alarmed car.
  • Draw Bridge - Flip the button and wait for the bridge to come down and the gate to open.

Survivor Tips

  • Keep an eye on the police car lights. If it's lit, look for tier 2 weapons nearby.
  • The Bridge crescendo can be fought in the building entrance, but once the gate opens up, treat the bridge as a Gauntlet crescendo.
  • This map introduces you to exploding barrels near the end. The chemical name you see on the side of the truck/barrels will be found through the Water Plant and blowing them up often calls the horde.

Versus Tips

  • Survivors will try and run through the map at points. Use the infected to slow down and separate the survivors. Common Infected will finish off players who are separated.
  • The bridge has many kill points if you can boom or smoke someone off the edge.
  • As the survivors first leave the parking structure there is a long narrow chained in area that is perfect for ambush all 4 survivors.

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