Chapter 6: Subway Station

Chapter 6: Subway Station

  • Don't miss the Train, otherwise you'll be sorry!
  • The final map has you make a run through city streets and buildings before opening up into the subway station.
  • Grab a ticket and prepare for the finale.

Crescendo Events

  • Elevator - This crescendo releases a high number of zombies and there are really 2 ways to approach this crescendo.
  1. Fight it out in the room by the escalators or the bathroom where it's a little more open and you have some wiggle room.
  2. Fight in the area behind the elevator which is a very tight area.
  • The Subway Finale - Grab a ticket and then make a bee line to the ammo and med packs in the basement or find a corner upstairs which is more secure but with no extra gear handy.

Survivor Tips

  • There are a lot of throwables handy throughout this map, make sure you use them to allow you to move freely.
  • Search the ambulances for extra med kits.
  • The rescue train takes some time to arrive (Think No Mercy Helicopter) so have a plan for the end. Throwables make it much easier.

Versus Tips

  • Lots of 25 point pounces in the beginning of the map, hunters can do damage early and often. Smokers can operate on the first roof or by using the sky bridges.
  • The escape path at the first crescendo offers great opportunities for Special Infected.
  • The trains are running throughout the finale, try and draw Survivors into one for an instant kill.

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