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Left 4 Dead Maps in Development

CC1: The Prison
CC2: The Overgrown Facility
CC3: The Brutal Outcome
CC4: The Source
CC5: Finale (not revealed)

Left 4 Dead Campaigns in Development

Campaign: Cold Case

"What they wanted was to find the source of the infection, but what they found instead;

was genocide…"

Plans For Myself

I have created the maps for svencoop's Resident Evil series. This includes RE1, RECO, REO1. There are some more maps, but they are either not popular, (my desolation series), were distributed illegally, (re2minigame), or never released to the public, (reo2).

I have joined the L4D community, because unlike mods, L4D is a valve-sanctioned game, which has a far larger community and support. I also adore the gameplay, and look forward to killing some zombos of my own. I have been in nearly perpetual construction of reo2. Originally designed for Sven Co-Op, reo2 was never released publicly. After numerous remakes for various other mods, (Resident Evil Cold Blood, Zombie Master), I have decided to abandon the mod market and simply make the game for a game of my liking. When I heard about L4D, I was excited about the game itself. While more action based, (not to mention the inability to manipulate objects), I believed it would be a far better platform due to its community. Also, I have abandoned the traditional Resident Evil storyline due to the MASSIVE amount of time needed for new model and storyline creation.

Anyways I have decided to change direction, and do the project I have wanted since I have started mapping. I will be creating my movie "Cold Case". This large-scale map series will have a heavily story-line and rpg'esque element behind it. Weapons won't be on tables, but must be hunted for, (some of the more powerful weapons may require their own mini quest to get). I will also be experimenting with the entities. Now players will have to conserve ammo for their weapons, (since there won't be unlimited weapons piles except for some spots), and their actions will have consequences in other maps in the series.

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