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Hey, i'm Pure Stunts. Anyway, I've been creating maps for about a year now, I'm not a master but I'm not some noob on the corner who will ask for help or favors, Google is my resource! I started creating a couple Co-op maps for HL2:DM, but never got around to finishing them, so I decided to come back by creating a L4D map.
My hobbies are, working in Source SDK; playing Left4Dead, Fallout3, Assassins Creed, Halo 3, and sometimes HL2:DM; reading Manga; watching Anime; and working on my Fictional Story.

I'm a very friendly person, of course if you add me to steam the first thing I'm going to say is, "Who the hell, are you!" :|
Lol, jk, or not, but seriously, you can add me!

My Stunts Make The World Of Gaming A Little Better Or Worse!

Left 4 Dead Campaign in Development

Museum Of UnNatural History

The Museum
The Rooftop
The Broken Town
The Abandoned Mine
Subway Station Finale

Left 4 Dead Maps in Development

Beyond The Mountain Village

Left 4 Dead Maps Completed

The Museum (Will redo, and re-upload)


Youtube Channel
Steam Profile
FPS Banana Profile

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