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I am one of creators of Back to School campaign.The second one - 100_o/o_f@ke.
Well, what can be said about us? Both of us are from St. Petersburg (Russia) and we are students (classmates in the past). We love what we do but we don't forget about the recreation - love sports and jolly company. To sum it up we live a typical student life. And of course we are devoted fans of all Valve's games, especially Left 4 Dead.

Concerning mapping I can say that we began not so long ago(in fact this is our first work, not counting some pitiful CS Source mapping in the beginning of 2008) and we only map in out free time (which may slow down the creation process). We started making l4d maps in january 2009, when got tired waiting updates from Valve (like we knew that waiting for an official SDK not going to be worth it). At first we only had an idea about the final map - the map of our school, where you had to hold out. Then we decided to make a campaign that takes place in Peter, where survivors had to get to the evacuation centre in our school. A little later we realized that a Russian setting cannot be created on the base of existing left4dead content, and it also wouldn't be valued among western players. So we started to create our campaign with the same plot but in US setting.

That's all!

Left 4 Dead Campaings in Development

Back to School (My maps:Train Station, Town, School, Escape)


Back to School official site
Russian Left 4 Dead mapping community
My Steam profile

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